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The Otherside, formed in 2019, is a classic rock cover band based out of St Johnsbury VT.  They cover everything from AC/DC to ZZ top, taking you from peaceful ballads to hard rockin headbangers.  Playing something for everybody, you are sure to have a good time when The Otherside plays the stage.
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The Otherside is ASCAP/BMI licensed

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Don brings years of musical experience and talent to The Otherside.  Formerly a drummer for a Def Leopard tribute band, he now covers a multitude of roles including lead singer, keyboardist, guitar, and any other instrument he can get his hands on.

Jerod Habanero Sauce Comes from the land of ice and snow.From the Midnight Sun Where The Hot Springs Flow.Like MC Crispy
Jerod Comes from a Musical Upbringing.His Parents always had music playing in the house.As a little Habanero, Jerod
Remembers listening to Alice Cooper and KISS on his Parents 8-track Player.At the age of 12 he recived his first guitar 
which was a Harmony Strat Style from SEARS.Also at The age of 12 His cousin Played One by Metallica and it was serious 
Woodshedding on Guitar for the rest of his teen years.Here are Habanero's Top Ten Influential Guitar Players:
1.James Hetfield
2.Kirk Hammett
3.Dave Mustaine
4.Ace Frehley
6.Zakk Wylde
7.Tony Iommi
8.Dave Murray & Adrian Smith
9.Marty Friedman (Megadeth Years)
10.George Lynch
Of course there are many more to list but these are the TOP TEN!

Jerod Uses:
Guitars-Gibson Les Paul

             EVH Wolfgang  

             Xaviere Telecaster    

             Xaviere LP w/ Floyd Rose


Strings-  Ernie Ball .009's          Rotosound .010's


Amp-Line 6 4x12 Cab    

         Line 6 Spider IV 2.0 (2019) 


Pedals-Electro-Harmonix Analogizer
             Line 6 FBV Footboard Controller

MC Crispy: Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals.

Crispy was born into music you could say.  Having musicians in his family, and a music teacher even, after being subjected to his mother playing in big bands while pregnant, Crispy quickly found a love for music listening to his parents vinyl records, imagining himself as Dennis Deyoung and David Bryan.  Through school, he played trumpet, learning to love classical music, while still harboring the dream of playing classic rock music in front of masses.  While in the Army, a friend of his introduced him to thrash metal giants James Hetfield, Dave Mustaine, and many others, and the rest was history.  Crispy quickly bought a guitar, and immediately began learning to play like his icon James, refining his picking technique and speed in his basement, for a heavy metal band that would never come to be.  Eventually a classic rock cover band named Rock Bottom reached out, looking for someone to play bass, so Crispy jumped at the chance to get on stage, and never looked back.  After Rock Bottom, he helped form a popular cover band called Rebel Sons, continuing on bass.  When that band fell apart and reformed as Nowhere Fast, Crispy switched out from bass to rhythm guitar, and fulfilled his duty there until that band fell to the wayside.  Having moved back to Vermont in the meantime, Crispy decided to strike out on his own, and form a classic rock cover band that would have the quality musicianship of his previous bands, while maintaining solid friendships.  The Otherside was born, and he hasn't looked back since!

Keeping a steady rhythm comes naturally to Bones. Born in a factory in the south of China, Bones spent his formative hours listening to the never wavering hum of the machinery around him.

Bound for adventure at a young age, Bones' mother, Operator #12, carefully packed Bones and his 4000 brothers and sisters on a ship bound for America!

Upon arrival, Bones acted upon his life long break free of the family business of scaring people silly once a year. Instead he decided to follow his own drummer and become one.

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